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Newcastle physiotherapy services to help you move better, feel great, and stay healthy.

If you are experiencing pain or have suffered an injury, let NU Moves Physiotherapy help you. You will get one-on-one sessions with a qualified physiotherapist who will accurately assess, diagnose and provide a custom treatment plan to promote quick recovery. We will help you to move better, feel great, and stay healthy.

NU Moves running logoWhat is Physiotherapy?

A physiotherapist is a specialist in the muscle and joint system of the human body. We are experts in movement and function who work alongside patients to help them move better and relieve pain—whether it be due to injury or the result of ageing or disability. Treatment may involve manual therapy (joint manipulation and mobilisation), movement re-education, massage, exercise rehabilitation, dry needling, or other services.

NU Moves running logoWhy Choose NU Moves?

We take a down-to-earth approach in providing service and care for our clients. We aim to understand our clients’ lifestyles and encourage their participation in sport and fitness, work, and everyday activities to have a good quality of life.

  • Team of 5 highly qualified, university-trained physiotherapists who are experts in the human body and treating musculoskeletal conditions
  • No double-booking means short wait times and one-on-one personalised care
  • Education of how to move properly and prevent injury

We aim to provide you the best Hunter region and Newcastle physiotherapy services.