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Football soccer injury physiotherapy

Get the right information to help your child play, develop and excel at football? Whether participating in a skill acquisition program (SAP) or playing for a National Premier League (NPL) club, our staff understand the demands on growing bodies and what it takes to keep pace in this ever growing sport. Similarly the growth of football 5’s and footsal means it is now an all year sport with less rest time.

Football requires great mobility, speed and skill. Injuries come with training hard, playing hard and often in contact with other players. Diagnosis for football injuries is essential which includes X-rays and MRI scans when required but should start with a detailed assessment of the problem.

Some injuries are obvious and happen from contact with another player, others however, are more complex and can be linked to your level of fitness, strength, endurance or flexibility. We refer to a combination of these as ‘moving well’. For example if you haven’t got flexibility in front of the hip or strength in the buttock and hamstring muscles, the potential for muscle strains and knee pain is much greater. We help you ‘move well’ by treating all areas that cause a problem.

NU Moves is the uni physio clinic. Whether you have an injury or not, an assessment with one of our physio’s will determine what you need to do to excel. Keeping your child on the park all season and enjoying their sport is the best way to keep improving. Trust us as your physio, we are good people with great knowledge and exceptional skill. Contact us on 4921 6879 and book an appointment.

Football soccer injuries physio

Peter is currently on an advisory committee to the Newcastle Jets Academy and our physios are providers for the Jets Academy Players.

Among our team of physiotherapists we have parents of an emerging jets player; parents of a Newcastle NET player; one of our physio’s is a current NPL player; and we have an over 35’s player who prefers to be called experienced rather than old! Our physio’s have more than 2000 combined hours of on-field sports experience attending club, representative and professional games. We also teach the Sports Medicine Australia Level 1 trainer course and mentor several physio students as on-field sports trainers with our clubs.

NU Moves Physiotherapy Football Newcastle

Newcastle football

NU Moves Physiotherapy are currently the physiotherapists to:

  • Edgeworth Eagles FC in the Newcastle NPL
  • South Wallsend WPL club
  • Mens University Football club
  • Womens University Football club
  • Northern NSW Newcastle Representative SAP Football

Hunter academy of sport physiotherapists

Physio provider for Hunter Academy of Sport