Neck physiotherapy

physio-newcastle-for-neck-painDon’t ignore your neck pain any longer. Research conducted at The University of Newcastle proves physiotherapy can help and NU Moves is the uni physio clinic on campus.

Sometimes pain can make you feel cloudy and unproductive at work. Other times it just limits what you can get done in the day. This is especially true for neck pain as it is often made worse with sitting at a computer for many hours.

Imagine being able to work without neck pain and be more efficient. Recent research at The University of Newcastle has replicated a study that showed physiotherapy treatment can reduce neck pain and improve tolerances to daily activities.

How do we know all this? Jess was the treating therapist for the study performed at The University of Newcastle. Patients she treated included those that have had neck pain for more than 10 years. All experienced pain whilst sitting at a computer and found they had trouble completing a day’s work. Many needed medication to help manage their pain and were frustrated with constantly having a tight and sore neck.

Treatment in the study consisted of 6 physiotherapy sessions over 6 weeks and included both manual therapy and exercise. Patients not only had a significant reduction in pain but were able to sit at a computer for longer and found they could maintain this treatment effect themselves by doing prescribed exercises.

All of our NU Moves Physiotherapists know how to apply this research when treating neck pain so you can be sure you are in the right hands, no matter who you see. Trust us as your physio….we are good people with great knowledge and exceptional skill.

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