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NU Moves Physiotherapy Newcastle Sports Clubs

Newcastle football

NU Moves has provided sports physio diagnosis and treatment across a wide range of sports including rugby, football, basketball, netball, swimming, running, hockey, touch & austag. Each sport is unique but the diagnosis and treatment process is the same after an injury. The return to sport rehab program then needs to be prescribed for you and your sport. Our team of physio’s are second to none in Newcastle for experience in sports injury management.

NU Moves physio also provides:

  • Sports physio on-field during games and training
  • Research into injury monitoring for prevention
  • Strength & conditioning programs
  • Injury prevention assessments
  • Sports club injury analysis
  • Physiotherapy student mentoring

Sports physio

.We have been educating local sports trainers and physio students with the Sports Medicine Australia Level 1 sports trainers course for the past 12 years.

Our current sports clubs include:

  • University Rugby Club
  • Edgeworth Eagles FC in the Newcastle NPLPhysiotherapy Newcastle
  • South Wallsend WPL club
  • Mens University Football club
  • Womens University Football club
  • Northern NSW Newcastle Representative SAP Football